Office of the Assemblies

Gina Giambattista
Gina Giambattista

Gina Giambattista

Director, Office of the Assemblies

109 Day Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-2801

The Office of the Assemblies is the administrative unit in the Division of University Relations which provides day-to-day support for Cornell’s assemblies and the student and employee-elected members of the Cornell University Board of Trustees. Established to serve as vehicles of communication between the administration of the university and broader campus community, the assemblies, along with the faculty senate, are the university’s expression of shared governance, each chartered by the president of the university. The Office of the Assemblies works closely with the assemblies and their committees throughout the decision-making processes; and also provides administrative support and financial oversight to the Student (SA), Graduate and Professional Student (GPSA), Employee (EA) and University (UA) Assemblies. A fundamental mission of the Office of the Assemblies is to advocate for shared governance through engagement with constituencies across campus and to maintain channels and processes so the interests and concerns of the non-academic members of the campus community may be voiced effectively.



The Assemblies at Cornell University

Employee Assembly

Student Assembly

Graduate & Professional Student Assembly

University Assembly

Elections (for members of the Cornell Community)